Gryd applies innovative technologies to the fields of education and culture; provides technology research and develops elearning tools and online learning platforms.. We also deliver training for educators across Europe, advancing skills in technology and multimedia. These skills are then shared with colleagues and the wider education community, raising knowledge and skills across Europe.

Pete Stevens

Pete is a technologist, project manager, and marketer. He has coordinated and worked on several transnational EU learning technology projects, developed elearning for education and business, and created several education and training programmes for young people and adults, specialising in disengaged young people, enterprise, creativity and technology. He was also part of a consortium working with the EU’s DG Connect, exploring the future of a wide range of technologies and their societal, environment, legal and economic impacts.

Barry Diston

Barry is an award-winning music producer, video director, sound engineer and technical developer. He has a strong foundation in web and mobile development, server management and eLearning development. He complements this with many years experience in music and video production (creating and editing). Barry has also worked with pupils and teachers in schools and through alternative education programmes to create short films and radio programmes.