Gryd’s staff have been involved in training for over 15 years, working with teachers, small businesses, and school children. Pete Stevens also helped to develop innovative training programmes working with children who are not in regular school attendance. For the past 7 years Gryd has organised and delivered a successful programme of courses in six countries across Europe for hundreds of teachers as part of the Erasmus+ programme, KA1 Staff Mobility. These courses aimed to improve teachers’ skills in using apps inside and outside the classroom, robotics & coding, digital exhibitions in museums, elearning, mobile learning, and general technology.

Through our international projects we also develop online training using learning platforms, video and web conferencing. Our aim is always to put the learner at the centre and develop innovative solutions to meet their needs whilst not employing ‘traditional’ elearning.

Gryd’s expertise is in the application of technology and media. Our aim is to upskill staff so that they can use technologies in education more effectively and with minimal cost. We are available to provide short presentations, full day training, and multi-day courses at locations across Europe.